Why Is Consistency So Important Online?

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Having a website if you own a business, or if you want to promote yourself in some way, is essential. In fact, not having a website is looked upon with suspicion by many people; after all, why would you not want to have an online presence when so many consumers shop online through their laptops or even their mobile devices? It’s important to have a consistent brand across all aspects of your business, but your brand is not the only aspect of your digital presence that needs to be consistent.
Web Design
Google algorithms are very much geared towards the user experience, and by ensuring that your website is designed in a way that makes navigation easy for the user, your Google rankings are going to be more favourable. The visual design of your website should be consistent throughout the pages: the same location for the search bar and the same website responses such as opening a new window for images or links, for example. Even small details such as the colour used for links and the typeface of your content should coherent in each page to encourage users to feel familiar and at ease using your site. Your site should be made as easy as possible for users to navigate, if they have to adapt to different processes on each page they visit it will soon become a chore to look for information.

Content Quality
Your website is the window through which your customers view the products or services that your business offers, and so the content that you post must be of a consistent quality. You need to almost second guess the questions that your customers and end users are going to ask, and post accordingly. For your products, your descriptions should be clear, concise and accurate, and include images (with keywords in the filename) where necessary; provide care instructions and suggest other uses or products that will complement them. Search engines love unique, original and relevant product descriptions, so use your descriptions to include the key benefits for using the product and write for your target demographic.
By giving consistently high-quality information, you can instil in your customers a great sense of trust into your business, and they will come to depend and rely on the information you provide them with. Use your blog section of your website to offer solutions to problems and issues that your customers may come up against, and you will soon gain a loyal readership. Your content should be revisited regularly to ensure that it is optimised to its full potential for search engine rankings – a few tweaks here and there in accordance to updated SEO practices will ensure that your site continues to attract visitors.

Your site’s target audience will expect a consistency in the tone, quality, and mood of your website. You need to provide your audience with what they expect from you. If the products and services you offer are laid back, you should communicate in an appropriate style; if, however, what you offer is more corporate, laid back content and delivery would harm your brand, and not be appropriate. Think also about when you schedule the posting of articles on your website, your audience will quickly identify when you post, and so you need to be consistent in your schedule. This not only engages your visitors, but promotes loyalty and customer retention, while heightening the all-important user experience.

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