Keep Up With Google Algorithm Changes Using These Tracking Tools

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Whatever industry you are in, the market is always changing; adapting with constant updates that are critical to your business. With technology becoming revolutionised at a rapid rate, it is hard to stay in the loop, let alone ahead of the game.

That’s why there are automated systems out there that’ll help you and your business stay afloat in a world of constant revolutions. See Google algorithm tracking tools to help keep you up to speed with the latest changes.


Google may seem obvious, but this search engine giant has an abundance of helpful tools that will help you stay relevant and up to date. Subscribe to their blogs and keep up with announcements and releases. They’ll share search-related news and important messages through their channels. Also, follow them on social media and watch their posts for updates and any changes in your industry. Another idea is to follow individuals who are leaders in specific fields. For example, keep tabs on influential marketing experts, as they can prove imperative insight into SEO and other well-known marketing strategies.


Use this tool to quickly and successfully improve your SEO. The system collects a large amount of data to easily calculate patterns and fluctuations. The program also helps you track patterns using an algorithm update calendar and widgets for your blog.

SERPs Volatility Index

This tool allows you to immediately spot any volatility on Google and Yahoo! search. On a daily basis, you’ll receive critical updates related to your website traffic, link metrics and an overview of your rankings. The good news is that it plays nice with Google Analytics, so you’ll have all of your data in one place. Many businesses like to know what their competitors are up to and how are they doing. With SERPs, you receive insights as to how your keywords and webpages are performing in relation to your competition. Use the tool to measure key metrics and run correlation tests and track keyword performance across towns, cities, states and countries.


Think about this tool like it’s a weather forecast for Google’s algorithms. Therefore, you’ll know what today is going to be like and there’ll be predictions for tomorrow. This will determine if and how your rankings will be swayed depending upon the pattern. The tool tracks the patterns over the last 24 hours and is able to spit out a prediction of what’s to come. They use a temperature to tell you how Google’s rankings look for the previous, current and future days. The severity of the weather pattern will notify you if you need to be aware of any rocky changes, so you’re always ahead of the competition. You’ll get algorithm data from the previous five days and each morning you’ll receive a new forecast for the day.


There are many ways to track your work and monitor your website data, but they’re not all conducive to a busy work schedule. There are times you need technology to help you manage company and industry changes. It’s almost impossible to keep up with the constant ups and downs of the online world.

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