How to Reach Out to Bloggers Through Email

Outreach Concept Metal Letterpress Word In Drawer

Outreach Concept Metal Letterpress Word In Drawer

Reaching out to bloggers whose work you admire is one of the most effective ways there is to promote your content, acquire backlinks and secure guest post opportunities.

The best way to make contact with such bloggers is via email, but the problem is that the top bloggers on the web receive vast numbers of emails each day and may not get around to reading each and every one. Even if they do, they can’t possibly agree to write guest posts, add links or write product reviews for everyone.

If you want to be sure your email stands out from the crowd and generates a positive response, here are a few tips you can follow.

Approach the right people

Ensure you are reaching out to bloggers who work in the niche you are trying to reach. Doing this will not only ensure your products and services are being promoted to an audience that is likely to look upon them favourably but is also far more likely to pique the interest of the blogger in the first place.

Ultimately a top blogger is more valuable to your company than you are to them. They also stand to lose out if they are seen associating with the wrong kind of brand or product, or if their posts don’t capture the attention of their readers. Do your best to make your offer worthwhile on as many levels as possible.

Be subtle and flexible

All bloggers have their own ways of working. While one might be insulted by a straight offer of a paid review, it doesn’t mean the same blogger would turn down an opportunity to become a brand ambassador if you first offer them to chance to be a featured guest on your podcast or webinar.

Always bear in mind that with some bloggers, the wrong approach could lead to you being named and shamed in one of their future posts, painting an unflattering picture that could even damage the reputation of your brand.

If you take the time to build the right connections, you will be rewarded with bloggers who become advocates for your brand and are willing to help you out time and again.

Be personal, but professional

Although there are hundreds of freely available outreach email templates online, they are so heavily used that most bloggers will have seen them before and this means they are unlikely to be successful.

Rather than using generic templates, adopt a more personalised response. Although doing so will take significantly more time, it is a strategy that is likely to result in far higher levels of success.

Do the groundwork

If you’re going to employ a touch of flattery by mentioning how much you admire the work of a particular blogger, don’t do so in a general way. Pick out a couple of specific posts that you especially like and say why in just a few words.

This way, the blogger concerned will know that you have taken the time to read their content and know that your kind words are truly genuine.

Be patient

If a blogger is receiving many inquiries, you can expect a period or radio silence after you first make contact. Follow up after a week or two to check if they received your message, but after that, it’s best to accept that the answer is probably no. You can always try again in a few months but don’t risk becoming a nuisance by sending repeated emails over a short period of time.

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