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Reputation Management Explained:

A big part of any content marketing strategy should always be reputation management. Don’t wait until you are viciously attacked by someone who has nothing better to do with their time than to try to cause trouble for unsuspecting websites. While internet reputation management is often utilized to undo negative press, it is also used to build reputation as well. This is something many brands don’t understand. Click Intelligence are experts in building and maintaining reputations for our clients and with our high level of experience in reputation management, you can always be assured your brand will have the positive image you deserve.

The Importance of Digital Reputation Management and How It Works

Oddly, the very same advantage the Internet provides in marketing can also be your nemesis unless you have experts like Click Intelligence on your team. Reputation management can be a nightmare if you are viciously attacked on social media, for example, and since the average person doesn’t understand how and why these attacks are perpetrated, the first goal of reputation specialists is to neutralise any negative press.

When seeking to build reputation, we employ a number of strategies which usually begins with content creation. However, even the best content only goes so far if it isn’t found and read. Links to your site from high ranking sites of authority will establish you as a reputable brand because it will be in a place with high levels of traffic so it is visible.

How Your Reputation Is Measured

Not all content marketing companies can claim to be expert in the field. However, with a tried and proven Click Intelligence approach, we can truly tell you we are experts in content marketing. From researching which keywords have the right amount of competition within your market, to planning a content strategy that is tailored to your brand and your market, we have proven that SEO content marketing takes a special kind of expert. This would be a team that understands today’s audience and how to engage and convert them.

How Does Content Marketing Work?

There is nothing more effective than being referred by someone with a high level of trust. Trust is a huge concern with today’s audience, and that’s why we seek to, above all else, build a trustworthy reputation for your brand. Sometimes it means building off the trust other companies have established, but in any case, with the Click Intelligence expert team of Internet reputation management specialists on the job, you will be viewed favourably.

Even though we work through digital channels, we utilise the time honoured ‘referral’ technique that is amongst the most effective when building reputation. Once you are recognised and endorsed by a brand that has built a high amount of authority and respect in your industry, consumers and other businesses will look on you favourably. In the business, it’s referred to a blogger outreach and this strategy can offer you the referrals you need to build visibility and reputation all in one shot.

Damage Control Is Our Strength

It can’t be stressed enough just how important damage control is. As mentioned above, many brands are attacked for no apparent reason and the amount of damage done can be hard to overcome. That is, unless you have Click Intelligence on the job. Damage control is our strength and by measuring how negative press is impacting your business, we can begin creating a digital reputation management strategy that will literally erase any damage already done. Sometimes it means ignoring bad press and supplanting it with content marketing for those keywords that painted your brand unfavourably in the first place.

If you’d like to hear how we can build an amazing reputation for your brand, talk to the Click Intelligence team today. There’s nothing quite as effective as building an image of a brand that is trustworthy and reliable. Our reputation was built on that solid foundation and we can use our own in-house strategies to do the very same for you.

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If you are looking to increase your traffic, sales & leads! Let's have a chat, just get in touch!

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